Times Group of Institutions

It gives me great pride and satisfaction to write about Times Group of Institutions, Hanumangarh Town.We are passing through a tremendously changing process and our younger generation must be accordingly trained, so that, they can address these challenges effectively, timely and meaningfully.

In the present national scenario, everywhere there is problem of poverty, disorder in family, invasion on culture, mistrust, corruption, violence, terrorism etc and no confidence and fear prevail among people. If there is no peace among people of the nation there cannot be any creativity, and it will lead to lower productivity. To counter this situation the only option left with the nation is education.

We, at Times Group of Institutions, hanumangarh provide excellent infrastructure, competent faculty, lush green environment for learning and all other facilities required for modern education. The main aim of our organization is to provide modern education in the field of arts, commerce, science & computer to the youth.

Gopal Laddha